Primetime Voices Promo Voices photo shoot

Voice Overs — Best Job in Hollywood

Feb 2, 2007 - Don LaFontaine, Dave Fennoy and Joe Cipriano on Entertainment Tonight

Prime Time Voices

This is a "behind the scenes" video of the Primetime Voices photo shoot from September 2003. I had seen a Vanity Fair magazine cover with the "Men of Hollywood" and I thought, how cool would it be to do a shot with the Network Promo Voices of Hollywood. My first call was to Don LaFontaine because without him the project wasn't worth doing quite frankly, he was the king. Conversely, with him on board it would be a huge go. Don said "Yes, of course Joey...anything for you." I found a great photographer named Brenda Ferrel and I booked the UFO Poodle Parlor in downtown LA for the photo shoot. The day of the shoot, my son Alex Cipriano brought his camera and shot this behind the scenes video. Hope you enjoy, it's a little slice of the rat pack of promo.